What They Say


Many foundations who responded to us said that the data and process are helpful to them.

Here are some typical comments: (We have marked with * comments which come from foundations which funded this work, i.e., wanted the project and were expecting the data. The other comments are from foundations who were not expecting the data.)

“[This] has got us thinking a lot about how we improve here – which there is clearly plenty of room for!  I am new in post as CEO, and we are developing a new strategy – so a timely opportunity to give this more thought and focus.”

“We are always looking for ways to improve our processes and welcome this project.”


“A tool for self-assessment.”

“Pointers for improvement.”

“I will certainly be discussing with the trustees areas that we are not currently covering with a view to seeking to address this in the coming months.”

“We relaunched our website [recently], and your research will provide some much needed focus for the next stage of its development, as well as iron out some glitches. So your feedback is really timely and helpful.” *

“Excellent research that makes you think about your own practice and how we improve experiences for those we seek to support.”

“Timely reminder of the need for humility, reinforced by what the project has already shown about the distance we still all need to travel.”

“The event was insightful and thought provoking and has absolutely set me and my Foundation on the path to better practice.”

“I…am please[d] that we’ve been ‘picked out’.  We’re very much committed to becoming a more accessible funder and only today were discussing our plans to progress various aspects of work in connection with this. Having looked at the survey [set of criteria], it gives us some useful pointers for consideration for improvement.”

“Good to have these [data on the foundation’s score on each criterion]… it is already, as hoped, giving us a list of things to get on with over the next year.  Good for helping us to see what is obvious to us but not so to others visiting the website.” *

“..we used what you’ve published around the rating system as a tool for self-assessment yesterday. It was very helpful in high[ligh]ting some things to do – some simple and obvious, some requiring a little more thought.”

“That foundations need ‘horsepower’ to be really effective; and that without sufficient staff and sufficient trustees it appears to be very difficult for them to be effective in their work, or to be responsive to the three pillars of this study. Also that this was a study of the largest 100+ foundations – which are of course very atypical of the 10,000 foundations in the UK, so we need to be careful in the messaging from the study.”

“The report underscores the importance of highlighting key DEI issues within Foundations, and how they can improve in these areas. The wider interest internationally and nationally is encouraging and reflects the need and desire to do better and be more inclusive across the board. I feel privileged to have been part of this pioneering project.”