Three Commitments Campaign

Inspiring Change, One Commitment at a Time



We invite all foundations to make three commitments to improve their practices on diversity, accountability and transparency. You will join a group of foundations who are working to improve their work in this way.

Elevating Foundations Through Diversity, Accountability, and Transparency

The Three Commitments campaign emerged from the Foundation Practice Rating, to encourage and inspire grant-making trusts and foundations to enhance their practices in the important key areas of diversity, accountability, and transparency.

The Three Commitments campaign enables foundations to lead by example and inspire positive change within the grant-making sector by committing to three changes they would like to make. Join us in this transformative journey to elevate foundation practices and create a lasting effect on the communities and causes we serve.


What is the Three Commitments Campaign?

By making Three Commitments, foundations can publicly declare their commitment to improving specific aspects of their practices related to diversity, accountability, and transparency. This campaign is not about one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, it empowers each foundation to create tailored commitments that align with its individual situation, values and goals.


Who else is doing this and what are they doing?

In 2023, when we first launched the campaign, we saw commitments to improve practices on diversity, accountability and transparency made by a number of foundations.

Who pledged in 2023?

Friends Provident Foundation

Indigo Trust

Barrow Cadbury Trust

John Ellerman Foundation

John Lyon’s Charity

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Walcot Foundation

Esmee Fairbain Foundation


We are encouraging participants to announce their Three Commitments following the Foundation Practice Rating 2024 Launch Event at 2pm on March 14th 2024.

How you can participate:

1. Register your organisation:

Visit our website and register your organisation to join the Three Commitments campaign.

2. Identify your commitments:

Reflect on your organisation’s current practices and identify three commitments, related to diversity, accountability, and transparency.

3. Make it personal:

Craft commitments that resonate with your organisation’s values and contribute meaningfully to positive change.

4. Share our commitments:

Publicly share your commitments through on Twitter (X) or LinkedIn using #ThreeCommitments and tagging “Foundation Practice Rating”. In doing this you will be inspiring others and showcasing our dedication to driving improvement in the foundation sector. The campaign will be going live on at 2pm March 14th 2024 and we will also showcase the commitments made on our website.

The Three Domains in the Foundation Practice Rating:
Diversity, Accountability, and Transparency


Promoting diversity within foundations is a cornerstone of the Three Commitments campaign. Foundations are encouraged to make commitments that foster inclusivity, equity, and representation within their organisations. This could involve initiatives such as diversity training, creating mentorship programs, or reevaluating hiring practices to ensure a more inclusive and diverse workforce.


Promoting diversity within foundations is a cornerstone of the Three Foundations play a crucial role in society, and with that role comes a responsibility to be accountable for their actions. Commitments related to accountability may include reviewing and strengthening whistleblowing policies, enhancing internal governance structures, or establishing mechanisms for stakeholders to provide feedback and hold the foundation accountable.


Transparency is key to building trust and credibility. Foundations are encouraged to make commitments that enhance their transparency, whether it’s by assessing website accessibility, improving complaints policies, or providing clearer and more comprehensive reporting on their activities. Transparent practices help foster trust amongst stakeholders, including grantholders, and the wider community.

Tailored Commitments, Meaningful Impact

The beauty of the Three Commitments campaign lies in its flexibility. Foundations are free to choose commitments that are entirely personal and relevant to their unique circumstances. Whether you are a large or small foundation, the power to make a positive impact is within your hands.

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