Foundation Practice Rating

Foundation Practice Rating

What is the Foundation Practice Rating?

Foundation Practice Rating is:

  • a rating system assessing foundation practices in relation to accountability, transparency and diversity;

Accountability – how anyone who wants to examine the work or decisions of a foundation can do so, and make their voice heard.

Transparency – does a potential grantee have access to the information that it needs to be able to contact the foundation and decide whether to apply for funding in advance of any grant?

Diversity – the extent to which a foundation reports on diversity of staff and trustees, and how well it caters for people who prefer/need to communicate in a particular way.



  • based on consultation with the wider voluntary sector about what matters to them in their interactions with foundations;
  • drawn from existing standards and good practice sources;
  • an intervention to create incentives to improve how foundations fund organisations and individuals;
  • funded by trusts and foundations who are also rated and driven to improve.

Foundation Practice Rating is not:

  • a ranking. In a ranking foundations are ranked from best to worst. In our rating, we report the results by letter grade, A, B, C or D and as such all foundations could be in the A category or all could be in the D category.  We do not differentiate between different As, an A is an A in our rating;
  • an attempt to name and shame trusts;
  • designed to “catch out” foundations with poor practice. You can refer to our how to do well document to help improve your practice.

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The DEI Data Standard is the most visited #FunderCollaboration opportunity on the Hub.

"Without an effective framework to capture DEI data there can be no effective action to identify & target funding to address structural inequalities"

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Tomorrow is the 2022 Living Wage Champion Awards 🏆 and we’re delighted to announce our host for this year's ceremony on 5 July 6pm...

Timi Merriman-Johnson aka @mrmoneyjar, a Financial Content creator & National Numeracy Ambassador.

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